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Our Unique Grout Sealing Revamped This Ceramic Shower in Stuart

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July 12, 2023

A homeowner in Stuart suddenly found herself going through all the cleaning problems she'd only heard about in the past. While her shower was more prone to dirt when compared to other household surfaces, the homeowner usually didn't have trouble staying on top of her cleaning duties. Sadly, it took less than a month for things to turn, and she noticed how her weekly cleaning no longer kept the shower free of mold and soap scum.

Ceramic Tile Shower Before and After a Grout Sealing in Stuart
At this point, the shower had a very unattractive look. The grout was stained and cracked, making the shower area look old and neglected. This also compromised the household's hygiene, so the homeowner stopped putting all her hopes on traditional cleaners. She went online looking for answers and discovered Sir Grout of Jupiter. The more she read, the more she was eager to see the results of our Stuart grout sealing on her home shower. A quick phone call helped clear her other doubts, and the homeowner scheduled an in-home evaluation with our crew.

On the appointed date, our specialists were ready to get to the root of the problem. They visited the client's home, and she led them to the bathroom while telling them more about the situation. As soon as they entered the room, our techs caught sight of the stains running over the grout lines on the wall. They found more issues as they got closer, with the filthy shower joints marring the shower on all sides. Our specialists were particularly concerned about the cracks running along the horizontal seams, which had also attracted a large portion of the mold. The cracks were large enough to damage the bathtub's surface, so our techs worried about the shower's stability. This is an unfortunate result of exposure to the harsh chemicals in bleach and other chemical cleaners. However, as our techs explained to the client, most homeowners aren't aware that these products can damage hard surfaces to such an extent. After reviewing their findings, they concluded that the shower seams needed new caulking. Beyond that, they offered to clean and seal all shower surfaces to better preserve their future integrity. The client trusted our techs with her shower and scheduled a new appointment for the restoration.

A few days later, our techs returned with the necessary equipment to clean the shower and repair the damage to the grout. They started cleaning all shower surfaces with a pH-neutral cleaner, meticulously scrubbing off the dirt as it got loose. This fantastic cleaner enhances the effectiveness of regular maintenance, removing mold, mildew, soap scum, and other fluids without eating at the surface. Our techs repeated the process on all the walls, the seams, and the bathtub until all the dirt was eliminated. Then, they steam-cleaned the shower to sanitize the tiles and all the grout lines.

For the next step, they applied ColorSeal on the wall's grout. Our signature sealant provides the ultimate protection to keep the grout from getting stained or damaged over the years. It wards off external elements like water, soil, mold, mildew, soap scum, etc., while also bringing out the beauty of your grout lines as part of a room's layout. The client wanted to get back her clean white grout, so our techs carefully recolored each grout line, making them contrast nicely against the gray tiles.

Our techs moved on to repair the shower seams after removing the old caulk that'd been cracked in the past. They applied a resistant epoxy grout in place, fixing the joints and increasing their durability against moisture, stains, wear and tear, etc. When the shower was glowing from the restoration, our techs invited the client back into the bathroom to see the results, and she was thrilled. The shower looked terrific; the tiles were so smooth and shiny that you could see your reflection, and the grout had never looked better.

The client thanked our specialists and asked for additional cleaning tips. Our techs started by recommending pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner, since they're the best way to get better results without deteriorating hard surfaces along the way. They also told the client to avoid using steel wool and other abrasive tools that could scratch the tiles and crack the grout. They recommended using a terry cloth, a towel, or a squeegee to get any stickiness off the shower surfaces. Lastly, they reminded her that a dry environment should help with weekly cleaning with optimal ventilation. This way, the client would find less trouble keeping the mold and mildew off her corners and other narrow surfaces. The client showed her gratitude once again and promised to recommend Sir Grout of Jupiter to all her friends and family.

If you want to preserve the beauty of your hard surfaces, you deserve only the best restoration service in Stuart and its surrounding areas. Sir Grout of Jupiter will exceed your expectations with the most thorough cleaning method and the most durable protection to make grout maintenance more effective in the future. You can always call (772) 253-2888 or fill out our website's "Request a Quote" form to schedule an appointment with our specialists. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.

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